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A Company That Cares

Republished by permission of the Wabash County Solid Waste Management District

Over a century ago, in the basement of his small home in Hartford City, Indiana, Edwin Ford gave birth to a company that cares. The Ford Meter Box Company, Inc., now headquartered in Wabash, Indiana, with a division in Pell City, Alabama, maintains a long tradition of manufacturing quality products with innovative design, providing excellent customer service, partnering with other local industries, community involvement (including a strong environmental ethic), and family-oriented practices. The majority of Ford's products are cast from brass ingot, and its foundry business is a part of the recycling industry as 95% of the C83600 brass alloy used to make new products is from post-consumer recycled ingot. Ford also manufactures brass valves and fittings from a no-lead brass alloy, C89833, and this alloy consists of no less than 87% post-consumer recycled ingot.

The Ford Meter Box Company, Inc., is a top supplier of brass valves, fittings, and meter box settings to the waterworks industry. The company received the Wabash Area Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award in 1998.

A strong commitment to environmental integrity is a hallmark of Ford Meter Box, beginning with Edwin Ford's concept of a device (the meter box) that would protect and ensure the accuracy of water meters while conserving water usage by charging for the quantity used in each household.

Today's Ford Meter Box Company ensures that its manufacturing process protects our local environment in many ways. One of the efforts made was the establishment of an Environmental Management System (EMS). The EMS Steering Committee, a mix of management and technical staff, has overseen environmental projects since 1998. The group meets on a regular basis with each work group reporting on the progress made on its assigned project. The EMS project efforts include solid waste cost and volume reduction, energy use and cost conservation, environmental regulation compliance along with emission control to permitted limits, noise pollution compliance and reduction, and packaging conservation.

Ford Meter Box set a goal of reducing the company's solid waste by the Indiana Challenge Goal of 50 percent. Materials diverted from the landfill include steel, iron, aluminum, cardboard, wood skids, wood boxes, other wood materials, used oil, zinc oxide, paper, lead-acid batteries, household batteries, computer components, plastic, and fluorescent tubes. Recycling of many of these materials began before the EMS was established, showing Ford Meter Box Company's long-standing desire to reduce waste. The EMS efforts added another 15 percent to the original recycling volume. Some finished goods packaging was changed to reduce the volume of cardboard shipped and removed about 16 tons of wood per year from the solid waste stream.

Energy conservation is a high priority for Ford Meter Box. Goals for decreasing the use of electricity and natural gas were set at 5 percent for both forms of energy. Natural gas usage has been decreased by 12 percent, and the company is employing several measures to reach its electricity consumption goal.

The Ford Meter Box facility in Pell City, Alabama, has also used EMS to reduce emissions, use less toxic material and save energy. All of these advances have occurred while capacity has increased. The Pell City facility was also recognized as Pell City Industry of the Year in 1997 and again in 2002.

Steve Ford, Ford Meter Box President and great-grandson of founder Edwin noted, "Industries often look to recycling and energy conservation as practical ways of managing both resources and costs."

The Wabash County Solid Waste Management District commends The Ford Meter Box Company, Inc., for being a company that cares!

Ford Meter Box appreciates this article by the Wabash County Solid Waste Management District. Ford has been an environmentally sensitive manufacturer for many years, long before the latest marketing trend of being "environmentally green." We are committed to conservation and recycling efforts through our manufacturing facilities and to responsible citizenship in the waterworks community.

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