Plastic Pit Setters for 1-1/2" and 2" Meters

For Flanged Meter Settings

How To Order A Plastic Pit Setter

To order a Plastic Pit Setter refer to the drawing on the opposite page and answer each of the following questions to create a Catalog Number for the Plastic Pit Setter that meets your setting requirements.

Example: PMBHH-688-36HB-60-NL = a Standard Monitor Cover style plastic pit setter with an Inlet Angle Ball Valve, Outlet Angle Dual Check Valve, 1-1/2" Meter, 1-1/2" Inlet connection for Male Iron Pipe, 1-1/2" Outlet Connection for Male Iron Pipe, High By-Pass and an approximate Pit diameter and depth of 36"x60".

1-1/2" and 2" Pit Setters are standard with a High By-Pass. (2" Pit Setters have the By-Pass on the opposite side). The By-Pass can be deleted by omitting the "HB" from the catalog number. Example: PMBHH-688-36-60-NL. For optional Dual Check Valve in by-pass, insert "HC" into the Catalog Number. Example: PMBHH-688-36HBHC-60-NL.

Optional Test Port for dual check 1-1/2" and 2" Pit Setters is available. See Catalog Section F for more information.

NOTE: Covers and Extension Rings for Plastic Pit Setters are listed and sold separately in Catalog Section D.. A modest selection of covers is shown here in this catalog section.

*What type of pit setting is required?

  Type of Setting Code
  Standard for Monitor Cover PM
  Standard for Single Lid Cover PS
  Standard for Double Lid Cover PD
* Tandem for Monitor Cover PTM
* Tandem for Single Lid Cover PTS
* Tandem for Double Lid Cover PTD

What type of inlet valve is required?

  Inlet Valve Type Code
  Angle Key Valve V
  Angle Ball Valve B

What type of outlet valve is required?

+ (Insert Dash)
  Outlet Valve Type Code
  Angle Ball Valve B
  Angle Key Valve V
  Angle Check Valve H
  Angle Dual Check Valve HH
  No Outlet Valve (no by-pass) -

What meter size is required?

  Meter Size Code
  1-1/2" Meter (13" Spacing) 6
  2" Meter (17" Spacing) 7

What type of inlet connection is required?
(See Note Below)
  Type of Inlet Code
  Male Iron Pipe 8

What type outlet connection is required?
(See Note Below)
+ (Insert Dash)
  Type of Outlet Code
  Male Iron Pipe 8

What pit diameter and depth is required?
Depth is measured from ground level to service line.
The service line is 4" higher than the bottom of the pit setter.
  Pit Diameter and Depth Code
36"x36" 36HB-36-NL
  36"x42" 36HB-42-NL
  36"x48" 36HB-48-NL
  36"x54" 36HB-54-NL
  36"x60" 36HB-60-NL
  36"x66" 36HB-66-NL
  36"x72" 36HB-72-NL
  36"x78" 36HB-78-NL

Note: Inlet and outlet connections are 1-1/2" in size, for 1-1/2" meter settings, 2" for 2" meters.
Meter Spacing is 13" for 1-1/2" meters and 17" for 2" meters.
Female iron pipe by Pack Joint couplings are used to provide PET, PEP or PVC inlet/outlet combinations (see Catalog Section J) and are sold separately.

Note: 36" high tandem units are not available with by-pass.

* Meter Flange S-Tube is supplied. Provide PRV length and connection type with order. PRV Adapters are ordered separately.

▲ 36" depth not available on 2" Tandem Meter Setters with High By-pass

Note: A wide variety of covers can be purchased for Plastic Pit Setters. A complete selection of covers with their specifications and available options are listed in Catalog Section D and must be ordered and priced separately. An abbreviated selection of covers is shown here in this catalog section.

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